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Communication power supply to embrace a promising market in the 5G era

5G has swept social media in the recent few years as global operators are moving to commercialization. The 5G era, compared with the 4G era, will set higher requirements in output power and power supply, meaning a huge expansion demand for base station power supply.

As the heart of the telecommunication system, the market of power supply in China has increased stably in the 4G era, which is certain to accelerate in the 5G era. It is expected that the market space of power supply for 5G base stations will reach about 31.5 billion yuan.  
Compared with 4G, things will change significantly in the 5G era. The power of 5G base station equipment (AAU and BBU) will increase dramatically, which means that huge demand, based on the existing power supply capacity, for expansion and new construction of station power supply.
Besides, the higher speed and capacity of 5G networks will promote a substantial increase in data volume. Data shows that the construction and operation cost of power supply infrastructure accounts for 50% CAPEX and 28% OPEX of data center. Therefore, the development potential of efficient technical solutions will be tremendous as the surging demand for power systems in data center.
To explore China’s tremendous power supply market, many companies of communication power supply have confirmed their participation in Power China 2020, such as APM Technologies, Guojin, Pacesetter M&E, Powerex, Raiba, Smartkey, Xichuan, Yongjiasheng, etc. To meet global insiders and harvest more business cooperation, all you should do is to join us!