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Common Power Products:
Switching power supplies, power adapters, LED power supplies, UPS, portable chargers, power transformers, inverters, AC/DC voltage stabilizer, DC, communication power supply systems, power supply modules, frequency converters, emergency power supplies, computer power supplies, power conditioners, rectifiers, custom power supplies, heating power supplies, welding power supplies, arc power supplies, electroplating power supplies, remote power distribution unit, operational power supplies, linear power supplies, power board, drivers, voltage regulators; power modules for railway, finance, aerospace, lighting, high voltage equipment and various types of custom power products; power supply equipment for diesel engine, wind turbine and solar generator, etc.
Specialized Power Products
Security system power supplies, high voltage power supplies, medical power supplies, laser power supplies, power products for military and aerospace industry, and etc.
Power transformers, inductors, industrial transformers, transformers for home appliances and lighting, specialized transformers, transformer test equipment, winding equipment, insulated wires and materials, etc.
Manufacturing Equipment and Auxiliaries:
Types of electronic components like diodes, bipolar transistors, SCR, IGBT, MOS, resistors, capacitors, etc.; power semiconductor devices, filters, oscilloscopes, protectors, PDU, inductor, power lines, temperature controllers, relays, radiators and fans, lithium batteries, accumulators, power modules, cable terminals, etc.
Power product/ battery manufacturing equipment, power supply/ battery test system, power test jig, testing instrument, EMC equipment, glue machine power supply, dispensing equipment, aging test equipment, electronic load, etc.; silicone sealants, potting glues, thermal conductive silicone, insulating bush, heat-dissipating silicone, magnetic materials, etc.
Related Software of Power Supply:
Monitoring systems, auxiliary design software, Integrated power supply solutions, power supply testing systems, safety certification, power management and related software, power supply installation engineering and appliances, etc.