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(1) Ordinary power supply exhibition area:
Switching power supply, power adapter, LED power supply, UPS power supply, mobile power supply (portable power supply), transformer power supply, inverter power supply, AC stabilized power supply, DC stabilized power supply, DC/DC power supply, stabilized power supply, communication power supply, module power supply, variable frequency power supply, industrial control power supply, EPS emergency power supply, computer power supply, purification power supply, PC power supply, rectification power supply, customized power supply, heating power supply, welding power/arc power supply, electroplating power supply Network power supply, power operation power supply, linear power supply, power controller/driver, power supply, parameter power supply, voltage regulator, inverter, DC power supply; Railway, finance, aerospace, lighting, high-voltage and other specialized power modules and various customized power products; Special power equipment for oil turbine power generation, wind power generation, solar power generation, etc.
(2) Special Power Supply Exhibition Area:
Security power supply, high-voltage power supply, medical power supply, military power supply, aerospace power supply, laser power supply, and other special power supplies.
(3) Electronic Transformers and Inductors Exhibition Area:
Power equipment transformers, inductors, industrial transformers, home appliance transformers, lighting transformers, neon light transformers, special transformers, transformer testing instruments, transformer/inductor winding equipment and insulation wires, etc.
(4) Exhibition area for power supply supporting products:
Various power supply components (transistors/rectifiers, thyristors, IGBT/MOS transistors, resistors, capacitors, etc.), power semiconductors, capacitors, filters, oscilloscopes, protectors, PDU sockets, reactors, power cables, temperature controllers, relays, heat sinks and fans, lithium batteries, batteries, power module boxes/casings/cabinets/cabinets, connecting wire terminals, etc.
(5) Exhibition area for power manufacturing equipment and auxiliary materials:
Power/battery manufacturing equipment, power/battery testing systems, power testing fixtures, safety testing instruments, electromagnetic compatibility equipment, glue filling equipment power supply, glue dispensing equipment, aging testing equipment, electronic loads, etc; Sealing silicone, potting silicone, thermal conductive silicone, insulation sleeve, heat dissipation silicone, magnetic materials, etc.
(6) Power related software:
Monitoring system, auxiliary design software, comprehensive power supply solution, power testing service, safety certification and other power management related software, power supply installation engineering and tools, etc.